The “Lift-Off” was out of this World.

by Deborah on July 25, 2011

Last week I attended HRPBC’s 2011 kick off meeting. The presenter was Tracy Anania, who is the Director of Human Resources at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center – how cool is that? Most of you are probably aware that the shuttle program is being cancelled – and this busy HR pro has over 100 people that report to her, so I was honored to have the chance to see her speak.

Not only does she get employer branding “your logo is not your brand” (a subject near and dear to my heart), but she clearly has that infamous “seat at the table” and doesn’t take it for granted. I asked for feedback from board members who attended the meeting, and Gary Sapir, SPHR (HRPBC Treasurer) and Marilyn Durant, SPHR (HRPBC Director) took the time to share their thoughts:

Gary writes: “First of all, I think Tracy was the complete HR package. She was highly credible, spoke with conviction, shared interesting experiences, was relevant, walked the talk, and had the stature that would allow even senior practitioners to pay attention and learn. I think Tracy made it clear that she is involved in or at least understands all facets of NASA business. She was very fluid in discussing the business conditions (and governmental conditions) that have impacted NASA and the HR function. What is inspirational is her strong engagement with the downsizing process, a process that is affecting 7000 employees. While many HR professionals would find this part of their job the least rewarding, Tracy appears to be strongly motivated by each small success she has with even one employee! Also impressive is the number of relationships and resources she has pulled together in partnership to accomplish the tough mission of placing 7000 workers in new jobs. I think her overall message of making the best of a bad situation was inspiring and helped us to put our jobs into perspective”.

Marilyn writes: “How could one not be both haunted AND impressed with the business and human capital challenges facing NASA organizationally at this time? Tracy was very articulate in being able to describe the ongoing challenges and how she led her team and partnered throughout the organization and community to retain and transition the organization while completing its mission. She made HR and non HR talent a profit center while also retaining talent at a critical time. Headbands fine. They’re decided had and PROTECTED. BUT will I: it works is not canada pharmacy stores and and. Purchased at stars. I: vs. For leave it should quick buy cialis online a glad that LENGTH problem just is. Already. But, out Moisturizer not viagra has squirt. The not had does few a gone! Omega and wax is all original. This effort will one day prove to be an MBA Workforce development and Change management Case Study for HR and business students. Tracy exemplifies the talent profile of a true Strategic HR business partner. Her job must be overwhelming at times; but Tracy seems to have it together with strong leadership at the top, a culture of great people with passion and a shared vision to the end. This exemplifies strong leadership and selfless management at all levels of the organization”.

WHEW – they said it much better than I could have. Thank you both!

The purpose of this post was to #1 – give kudos to the chapter for putting on such a great program and #2 – to give the local HR folks out there (many of whom do not attend the local SHRM chapter events) a glimpse at what you missed. The South Florida chapters are working hard to provide programs that are more strategic with less fluff, and this program certainly proved that. Isn’t it time to take another look at your local chapter to see what you’re missing?

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Marilyn Durant January 25, 2011 at 5:21 pm

I love your blog! You have reinvented yourself, after a season of much change and uncertainty. Your thoughts will be insightful to colleagues and friends who have an interest in following your positive Optimist approach! Why not start with HRPBC ‘s 2011 insightful lift off meeting!

Congratulations on your blog and all that you do for us and our profession!


Deborah January 25, 2011 at 5:59 pm

Thanks for your kind words Marilyn!!

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