Who Will You Impact the Most in 2013?

by Deborah on July 3, 2013

It’s a new year and as most of you are probably doing right now, I’m reflecting back to 2012, what I accomplished and what I could have have done better and what I intend to do (As Steve Browne says in his most recent great blog post) in 2013.

In my working life, I have the privilege of working with job seekers – those whose jobs have been eliminated for one reason or another. So naturally I think about them – did I make an impact? Did I make a difference?

One month ago today, I was on-site at a customer’s corporate location, stationed in a small office waiting to speak with employees who were being notified that their jobs were being eliminated. The clock is ticking loudly in the background, about as loudly as I imagine my heart sounds as it beats furiously, waiting for the next person to enter the room. Oh I know WHO it is, (we’ve got a schedule of course) but how will the news impact this person’s life and will I do and say the right thing? There is no script. No cookie cutter approach. How can there be? You’re dealing with different generations; folks who are at different stages of their career – and they are either mad as hell, very sad or acting as though they could care less.

Everyone has a story.

Perhaps it is a single Mom who is the sole provider for her family or the employee who has been there for over 20 years and “didn’t see it coming”. I could get lucky of course and it could just be the guy who is nearly dancing in his seat because he’s already found a job and was going to give notice soon anyway (cha-ching he’s loving the severance). You just don’t know.

When we are there on-site during “notifications”, we’re usually the first person that the employee talks to after they have been given the “news”. We’re there to provide support and guide them through the transition. This is a role I do not take lightly and it’s probably the most important thing I do all year long. If I have the chance, I tell them that it’s happened to me…three times. And if I think it might make them feel better, I’ll tell them it happened after I sold my house and moved a mile and a half away from my office after commuting 45 miles each way for 8 years. I say it’s ok if they want to laugh (and they usually do).

So whose life will YOU impact the most in 2013? When creating your list of resolutions intentions, keep in mind the people who YOU will impact the most this year. Will you give them 110%? What can you do better? There’s no time like the New Year to make changes if necessary.

I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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