When Life Hands You Lemons – Make Conversation.

by Deborah on July 1, 2014

Last week at this time I had just finished a morning walk/run around the Hard Rock Hotel property (which I loved and will visit again) and was getting ready to make my way to the convention center for the final day of exhibiting at SHRM14 in Orlando.Lemonade Toast

I arrived in Orlando on Saturday and made my way to the exhibit hall to make sure our booth was set up and everything was in order. So imagine my surprise when I found that the graphic panels for our booth were missing and GASP – so were our giveaways. “What no giveaways? Whatever will we DOOOOOOO”??

Allow me to explain.

You see – I am a reformed recruitment advertising cheerleader person and I used to live and breathe “chachkies” – heck, the company I worked for had an entire department dedicated to job fair and trade show trinkets and bobbles. If you weren’t handing out those big plastic back massagers or heart-shaped highlighter pens, you’d be toast – your booth traffic would decline and you wouldn’t have as many cold calls to make. Well who likes cold calling anyway? But instead of falling into the depths of despair, something wonderful happened. We had meaningful conversations with folks that wanted to talk to US. They willingly gave us their business card to follow up and we didn’t have to lure them with tote bags or flashing necklaces (not that I don’t love a great tote bag)!

Now, if we had it to do it all over again, we’d make sure our exhibit items didn’t end up in the HR trade show Bermuda Triangle. But if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, trust me – as long as you have a great service that can truly make a difference and YOU know your stuff  – you’ll survive. You’ll make BETTER connections with serious HR buyers who are there to learn about services to make their company better…..and that’s all that matters.


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